Febuary 10th 2008 .... A DAY ON THE GREEN - MOUNT COTTEN
    We headed off for the weekend to the 2 Jimmy Barnes/Joe Cocker Day On The Green
gigs. The weather forecast was a bit of a concern, wet and wild, but it didn’t cross our
minds that it would affect the gigs. Got ready to head off to Bowral, but not long after
we hit the road, we made it around the corner, when we got a message the gig was
cancelled. It had been hailing down there and the promoters decided it was too
Never ones to let an opportunity slip we headed to Dee Why RSL to see Dario playing
in a tribute to the Rolling Stones. It was a fantastic night and what awesome players
were in that band. Apart from Dario on bass, there was Jak Housden on guitar
(Whitlams and Badloves), Steve Balbi on lead vocals and Scott Alpin on keys (both
from Noiseworks and Movetrees). It was a great night and we really enjoyed
ourselves. Didn’t miss Bowral too much!!
Things were looking a lot brighter in the morning and we flew up to the Gold Coast
with our fingers crossed. Arrived to a warm, sunny, dry day! We had reserved seats,
so for once there was no need to get there early. Apart from a dodgy car park, which
look like it was going to be under water at any time from the full dam, inside had a lot
of tan bark laid down to cover up the wet, squishy ground. But the main thing was it
was still on!
Before anything started, Jimmy was in the merchandise tent signing things. The line
was constant with a lot of excited people. He finished there just as Mia Dyson came
on, not really my cup of tea.
Jimmy was on after her. It was a bit weird him being on early, when it was still light!
More changes to the band, Tommy Boyce and Yak Sherrit are now gone and replaced
by Davey Lane, You Am I and The Pictures and Shan Vanderwert, Dallas Crane.
Whilst Davey is great and we love his scissor kicks and windmill arms. Tommy will
be missed. He was so enthusiastic and I loved the way he stood on the edge of the
stage singing along to all the songs with the fans. Shan did a good job on the drums
and fitted in nicely. Pete found a new lease of life and took over from Tommy with
singing along to the songs. Tony went off on keys, was out of his seat and in Goodbye
had his keyboard tipped over playing it. Phil is a great bass player as we all know, but
I wish he would loosen up a bit, move around the stage, have some fun. It is great
having Gary Pinto joining Mahalia and Elly on backing vocals, shame there was no
Grace of God from him this week!
The set was a bit shorter with Jimmy on for just over an hour. Driving Wheels was
first with Jimmy and the band coming on stage to a backing CD for the intro. Not too
sure about this, I love Driving Wheels starting the set, but I would rather a live intro
myself. All the hits were there plus some from the new album.
Red Light is a great song to include; it rocks and goes down well live. Blue Hotel is a
beautiful song and When Two Hearts Collide gives Elly a chance to sing with Jimmy
and she does it so well. Mahalia sang Proud Mary, which the crowd love and gets
them going, always. Tonight, I reckon was the best version of Sit On My Knee I’ve
seen. Dave Larkins from Dallas Crane joined his band and Jimmy on stage and the
song went off.
It was a shame the crowd were so boring though. We were up out of our seats when
Jimmy came on, ready to rock. I looked around and we were the only two standing.
What was wrong with these people, the wristbands said to stand in front of your seat,
and security had told us to stand. But we copped so much abuse we felt bad and when
we sat for Blue Hotel, we weren’t game to get back up again. Funny though, those that
were abusing were the first ones up for Khe Sanh!!!!! With only Working Class Man
and Goodbye left, there was no way we were sitting back down again!
The same people were up out of their seats when Joe Cocker came on He has a great
voice, but it was a bit laid back for us after Jimmy. I did know most of the songs,
which surprised me.
All and all it was a good day. Walking back to the car afterwards, I could not believe
the amount of women, passed out on the ground in a drunken state. With the crowd
there and the parking situation it took ages to get out. But that was ok, Jimmy was
blaring out of cars as we sat and waited for movement. All a bit of fun!!

Driving Wheels
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
No Second Prize
Red Light
Blue Hotel
Lay Down Your Guns
Choir Girl
When Two Hearts Collide (w/ Elly-May)
Sit On My Knee (w/ Dallas Crane)
Out In The Blue
Ressurrection Shuffle
Proud Mary (Mahalia)
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man