Thank God for Macca, we were back to a real Jimmy gig! It wasn’t quite a pub gig,
but it was close. The show was held in a big Marquee at the Shepparton
Showgrounds. For anyone who wasn’t up for the mosh pit, there was a grand stand at
the back of the Marquee, away from the madness of the crowd. And yes people did go
up there! A lot of people turned up for the night, not sure how many but it was
packed in the Marquee.
Mahalia started the night off with a short acoustic set. On stage with her was Ben
Rodgers on guitar and Elly May and Gary Pinto on backing vocals. She sang some
songs from her new album, which is to be released shortly. Take Some Time was
included in her set and helped get the crowd warmed up for Jimmy!!
He intro CD for Driving Wheels began to play as the band and Jimmy came on stage
And with that came the screams of excitement as the crowd went crazy. No band
changes this week, it was still Davey, Pete, Tony, Shan, Phil and Ben with Mahalia, Elly
and Gary Pinto on backing vocals (You never know these days who is going to be
there). Davey and Pete play very well together, they come together a lot and play off
each other. Tony had the keyboard tipped over again in Goodbye and nearly lost it
- love it!! Shan had an interesting intro to Flame Trees, hehe, but he is doing great
belting away on those drums.
The set list was longer than last week, more stage time for Jimmy again – yay!! It was
back to full on rock, with some old, some new and a couple of slower songs on there
too. Elly joined Jimmy in When Two Hearts Collide and Mahalia in Proud Mary.
Jimmy looked like he was having fun, maybe he too was remembering how good
these type of gigs are – ok, we live in hope, but I would kill for a pub gig. He paced
the stage from one side to the other, connecting with the fans with a wave or a smile.
He was sounding awesome too, even if he was swallowing dust when he sang. It was
so dusty there, but that wasn’t stopping us from having fun. There was a bit of
pushing and shoving, as you would expect. Couldn’t believe there was a kid, 1-2
years old up the front in the mosh pit, at one point in dad’s shoulders screaming,
security ended up dragging her over the barrier to safety.
It was an awesome show, and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely, as could be
heard by the yelling and the screaming when Jimmy left the stage.
Let’s hope Macca is on the case and manages to secure Jimmy for some more gigs of
this type. It wasn’t a pub gig, but it was close!

Driving Wheels
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Cheap Wine
Red Light
Ressurrection Shuffle
Blue Hotel
Lay Down Your Guns
Choir Girl
When Two Hearts Collide (w/ Elly-May)
Merry GoRound
Out In The Blue
Sit On My Knee
Ride The Night Away
Good Times
Proud Mary (Mahalia)
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Working Class Man
No Second Prize