Headed off to Warrnambool on the Friday night via Geelong. Mahalia and The
Soulmates had a gig at The National Hotel. There were not too many people there
which was a shame because it was a fantastic gig. Gary Pinto joined Mahalia on stage
and the two of them had those that were there up dancing and enjoying themselves. It
was a great way to start the weekend.
Next day we arrived at Warrnambool Racetrack later in the afternoon. The queue at
the gate built gradually as Jimmy did a bit of a sound check inside. When gates
opened and we went in, surprisingly there was no rush for the front. It was just us lot,
about 8 of us, the rest sat further back. As is common with these outdoor gigs food
stalls were set up and you could get a drink from the Racetrack Bar.
First up was a local band Monaro, they were pretty average. They did attract one
female fan who kept asking them to play something she knew. She annoyed the hell
out of them and the crowd too. Mahalia came on after them and got us warmed up.
We all stood and there was a bit of whinging going on and security told us to sit.
Mahalia sorted them out - we were at an outdoor gig after all!
Not too long before Jimmy came on and by this stage it had cooled right down and
everyone was freezing, which was good for the hoodie sales. That was soon forgotten
once the Driving Wheels intro started up. Love this song first; it sets the scene for an
awesome night. There were a few changes in the band - Mark Punch, Ben Rodgers
and James Gillard were still there (guitars and bass). Joining them was Jak Housden,
(The Badloves, and Whitlams) on guitar; he has played with Jimmy before and
features on the Live at the Opera House DVD/CD. Jackie was back on drums,
showing more improvement since the last time he was here. And filling in for Tony
who was not well was Rob Woolf from the Soulmates. He toured with Jimmy about
15 years ago and he did a terrific job at such short notice. Mahalia and Elly were there
on backing vocals. It was a big set list. I reckon Jimmy is fitter and healthier than
ever, he'd have to be, how else could he put on all the over 2 hour gigs?? It's not like
the intensity has dropped at all - he stills puts in 110% all the time. Great to have Used
To The Truth and Just a Man added in to the set list. Jimmy played guitar a lot again
- both electric and acoustic. Joel, the lead singer form Airbourne brought his guitar on
stage and joined in on Goodbye. It went off, Joel has so much energy and it rubbed off on
the others, Jimmy included. He wound the band up faster and faster and faster. Don't
reckon I've heard that song played so fast in a long, long, long time - it was brilliant
The crowd were well behaved from what we could see. That is a good thing for these
outdoor gigs. There were previous concerns about the noise levels but all was good on
the night. The event was a great success and everyone was left smiling after a
fantastic night.

Driving Wheels
Used To The Truth
Out In The Blue
Choir Girl
Ride The Night Away
When Two Heart Collide (w/ Elly-May)
Too Much Ain't Enough Love
Lover Lover
Just A Man
Rising Sun
I'm Still On Your Side
Lay Down Your Guns
Little Darling
No Second Prize
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Good Times
You Got Nothing I Want
Working Class Man
When The War Is Over
Resurrection Shuffle
Khe Sanh