Headed off on the drive to Albury on Friday night, got about half an hour down the road then turned around and headed to Mahalia’s gig at the Espy. A good choice it was too, it was an excellent night with Mahalia and the Soulmates rocking the place despite the heat. The crowd got right into them, which was good to see. Once she had finished we hit the road to Albury. Took about four hours to get there, only once did I nearly run off the road. Arrived about 5am to a nice air conditioned hotel.
Next day another hot day was forecast - 44 degrees. We wondered how we would survive a day in it. But it actually wasn’t that bad. There was a bit of shade down the front from the stage and the organisers were prepared for the heat. Around the winery there were shade tents, and there was a mist tent, which got a lot of use. Up the back there were hoses where you could hose yourself - it was a bit like a wet t-shirt competition up there!!! You could also fill up your drink bottle there. Pass outs were given and outside there was a tanker spraying people with water and over by the cellar we found a sprinkler that had colder water. Apart from that people in the crowd had spray bottles they kept filling from the esky and sharing around. It was hot but there was a good vibe about the place.
First up on stage was The Verses, in the band was brother and sister from Killing Heidi and they were quite good. They were followed by Joe Camilleri and The Black Sorrows.They always put on a good show at the DOTG gigs. Next was Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson. She had many fans there. I’m not a fan but I found her quite entertaining and the crowd certainly got into her. Then it was time for JIMMY!!
The crowd burst into cheers and screams as Jimmy was announced. Onto the stage he came with his band and surprised us with his first song - Wheels In Motion. He started off on guitar too, he really seems to enjoy playing it now and it appears in quite a few songs. The band saw the return of Tony on keys and Wazza on drums. great to see them back! Davey Lane and Mark Punch were on guitar, James Gillard on bass and EJ and Elly on backing vocals. The band put in a really good one tonight, especially Davey, who was celebrating his birthday, He brings so much energy to the stage and had everyone entertained with his scissor kicks and windmill arms. He had the band in fits of laughter when he fell over - ‘all part of the show’ There were mist fans on the stage to keep the guys cool and the lighting was quite low. Quite often the stage was in darkness and we couldn’t see anyone up on stage at all and the spot lights weren’t used much. Intentional? I’m not sure, but hopefully that was just to reduce the heat.
It was a great show, nearly two hours again with some rarities thrown in - Used To The Truth, Just A Man, Sweat It Out, and Stand Up. Always good when these songs are played - Jimmy has so many brilliant songs it’s a shame when he is expected to play hits. Kasey Chambers joined him in When Two Hearts Collide and brought her video camera on stage with her to film. Jimmy grabbed it and did some taping of the two of them. They had fun. Shane Nicholson also came up and hung around for Khe Sanh. Working Class Man finished the main set and we thought we’d missed out on a fav, Merry Go Round But no it concluded the night instead of Goodbye, Was a bit weird not having Goodbye last, thought Jimmy may have come out for a second encore, but no it didn’t happen.
What an awesome show we had witnessed. Despite the heat the crowd were well behaved, maybe it was too hot to drink too much wine and people preferred water instead. Who knows, but it was a really, really good vibe with everyone enjoying Jimmy. The best DOTG I’ve been to.

Wheels In Motion
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Lover Lover
Too Much Ain't Enough Love
Used To The Truth
Rising Sun
Out In The Blue
Just A Man
Choir Girl
Sweat It Out
Stand Up
When Two Heart Collide
Khe Sanh
Flame Trees
Driving Wheels
Lay Down Your Guns
No Second Prize
You Got Nothing I Want
Working Class Man
When The War Is Over
Resurrection Shuffle
Merry Go Round