Easter in Eden with a Jimmy Barnes gig sounded pretty good to us. Well need I say more - we were there!
Flew up to Canberra and enjoyed the drive through Cooma and the Snowy Mountains. I know it was Easter Saturday but didn’t expect everything to be closed for lunch. Finally found a bakery to make a sandwich - hey I’m diabetic I gotta eat. Arrived in Eden and found our accommodation, very nice with an impressive view over the ocean from the lounge.
Went down to the wharf for breakfast the next morning and everyone around was talking about going to the concert to see Jimmy Barnes. The place was buzzing with excitement.
The concert was held at Seahorse Boutique Inn in Boydtown about a 10 minute drive from Eden. The queue to go in built very quickly and snaked it’s way through the car park. When gates opened we rushed to get our spots, but there was no need to hurry, there was only a few that went to the front. The front area was blocked off with no chairs permitted, we were not even allowed to sit on the ground, if you wanted to be down the front you had to remain standing. OK standing it is. But that didn’t last too long, the barriers were removed and everyone came flying down the front - much better! There was also a VIP area up near the hotel where the people enjoyed some local seafood, very nice I’m sure but way too far back for my liking, give me the mosh pit any day.
Ashleigh Mannix (no relation to Brian Mannix) opened up with a few folk tunes. She wasn’t too bad. Bonnie Anderson came on next with Mick on guitar. Mick we all know from Jimmy’s crew. Weird seeing him up there playing and singing instead of bringing guitars on stage. Bonnie is only 14 years old but she has an amazing voice and put on a great show which we all enjoyed.
There was a lot of Kasey Chambers fans there and she received many screams and cheers. She found it near impossible to tell her stories between songs the applause was so loud. The kids were all up the front loving it. Shane had a few problems with his guitar but that didn’t bother anyone, except maybe Shane, who had to play Kasey’s smaller guitar for a bit. Near the end she brought out a big of merchandise which she threw out to the crowd. She was not happy when a monkey she threw to a little boy was snatched by an older woman who refused to hand it over to the kid.
By now it was pitch black and you could not see anything around but you could feel the excitement and intensity of the crowd as Jimmy strode onto the stage. Davey Lane was back on guitar as was Ben Rodgers. Mahalia was on backing vocals with Elly but there was no EJ this time. Love and Hate was the set opener, this one had been laid to rest for a bit but it was back with vengeance. Jimmy told us he had suffered nose bleeds all day and had the flu, but you would never have known, he still gave 110%. Then kids down the front had their hands up wanting him to come over and grab them. And he did, which they were quite excited about. The adults didn’t want to be left out and pushed forward to try their luck! The barrier was right up against the stage, which pleased us - no security wandering about in front of us blocking our view and we were much closer to the action. Easter Bunny joined Mahalia and Elly up the back and threw Easter eggs out to the kids.
The band were going off tonight, Davey was awesome, the energy levels of the whole band lift when he is there, his enthusiasm rubs off on them all. I lost count of the number of scissor kicks he threw in tonight, not to mention the windmill arms!! Would love to see Davey and Danny doing a gig together again. James was bouncing around all over the stage and Wazza was giving the drums a pounding, he makes it look quite effortless. Tony was having a few laughs and enjoying himself singing along as he played his keys. No duet for Elly tonight as Kasey Chambers joined Jimmy for When Two Hearts Collide. But Mahalia rocked the place with Proud Mary, Shane was up for Khe Sanh and When The War Is Over. James might get that back next gig as this is the last one with Kasey and Shane. I was surprised Bonnie didn’t get up for a tune, but not this time. I was having so much fun the time flew by and before I knew it Working Class Man was ending the main set. The encore was full on with the best Do or Die to finish off. Jimmy didn’t disappoint, the punch was in there too.
What an awesome effort from Jimmy, after the nose bleeds and the flu. It was a fantastic gig and one I had enjoyed immensely, the only disappointment was when it ended, I wanted more, just like everyone else. But I certainly can’t complain Jimmy and band had entertained us for nearly 2 hours!!!!! After the show one girl came over and told us she wanted Jimmy to come out and sing Flame Trees. He already has, one drink too many and she’d missed it!!!! It was a great night.
The next day we went off on a cruise to see dolphins. There were lots of them playing around the boat. That just topped off a brilliant weekend. It was then back to Canberra for the flight back home. Another fun Jimmy road trip.

Love And Hate
Wheels In Motion
Red Light
Choir Girl
Rising Sun
Everything Is Changing
Losing You
I'm Still On Your Side
Lay Down Your Guns
Lover Lover
Out In The Blue
Resurrection Shuffle
Proud Mary w/ Mahalia
When Two Hearts Collide w/ Kasey Chambers
Khe Sanh
Flame Trees
Driving Wheels
No Second Prize
You Got Nothing I Want
Working Class Man
When The War Is Over w/ Shane Nicholson
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Do Or Die