Headed off to Port Augusta full of excitement - we were off to see the greatest band ever, Cold Chisel, supported by Shannon Noll. Was going to be a good night! Rumours had been flying around all week as to whether Chisel were going to be there. So many hints had been dropped, they had to be!
At the oval the queue built quickly and was buzzing as the word started filtering through. Chisel, Chisel, Chisel!!!!!!! The sniffer dogs went through the crowd and several people were escorted over to a van to be searched Once gates opened the crowd piled in and spread out to sit and listen to the support band. Could not wait for them to finish, not very patient today, too excited.
Shannon put on an excellent show, he was in good form. It was one of his better gigs as it should have been considering who he was supporting. Jimmy’s bass player, Dario Bortolin was playing with him on this trip. Shannon had a lot of energy on the stage and the crowd loved him. They came surging forward as he jumped from the stage and ran along the front grabbing everyone’s hands.
After a short break what we have all been waiting for, for so long - Cold Chisel back on stage together pumping out the music with so much passion, energy and conviction. They were a little scratchy at the start but that soon wore off as Saturday Night started the set that went from strength to strength. Painted Doll, Don’t Let It Go, Rising Sun, Merry Go Round, Hound Dog had the crowd rocking. Saturday Night, Flame Trees, Cheap Wine, When The War Is Over, My Baby, Bow River and especially Khe Sanh had the crowd singing loudly. Shipping Steel, The Things I Love In You, Forever Now, Nothing I Want, the hits kept coming. Four Walls started the encore and Jimmy’s voice rang out loud and clear. For the first time in 25 years or so Mossy gave us One Long Day with a bit of help from Jimmy with the words. This led into Letter To Allan, so much emotion in that song and Jimmy put his heart and soul into it, just awesome! Last Wave of Summer finished off the night, love this song.
Shannon and his band had come out to watch, they sat in front of us inside the barrier. Shannon was so excited; he was up out of his seat with arms up pumping the air. At the end of the main set he ran to the stage with a towel for Jimmy. That gave us and Jimmy a bit of a laugh. At the end Chisel left the stage with a wave to the screaming fans who had just witnessed the BEST rock and roll band ever. To me this was better than Ringside, Chisel in your face for the full 90 minutes. - does it get better?? What and awesome band, Jimmy, Mossy, Phil, Don and Steve an awesome combination of excellent musicians. What a special night. Very lucky to have been there!!




Standing On The Outside
Shipping Steel
Things I Love In You
Saturday Night
Painted Doll
Cheap Wine
Don't Let It Go
My Baby
Rising Sun
Forever Now
Hound Dog
When The War Is Over
Nothing I Want
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
Khe Sanh
Bow River
Four Walls
One Long Day / Letter To Allan
Last Wave Of Summer