January 02nd - 10th 2010 .... RED HOT SUMMER TOUR

Well finally the time had come for the Red Hot Summer Tour. Had been waiting for this tour for what seemed like forever. Adam Brand, Shannon Noll and Jimmy Barnes - what a line up.!! It was sure to go off!
We travelled all over for this tour, from Bonnie Doon to Traralgon to Mt Eliza to Mulwala to Mannum and finishing in Gol Gol (near Mildura). There was a lot of driving to and fro but my god it was so worth it!
Each one was similar but different. Adam and Shannon had about an hour set each, Jimmy about an hour and a half to two hour set. Although Adam and Shannon were great neither are in the same class as Jimmy. When he came on that was so obvious, the whole vibe lifted and the other two seemed semi professional by comparison. All the same I enjoyed them all. Adam for a country singer is great and the crowd love it when he brings Jade out and they do a bit of a dance. Love Shannon and he is so much better live. Got to a few of his gigs and always enjoy them. He has a lot of energy on stage and has all the girls screaming with his jumps, dancing and open shirt!! At the end of each of his sets he jumped off the stage and ran across the front reaching out to the fans who surged forward to grab him.
Jimmy just rocked the place out each time. He had a brilliant set list with some oldies I love in there - Love and Hate, which started the night off and set the scene, Used To The Truth and Stand Up. He also played one of his new songs, Turn It Around - loved it, a real catchy rock tune. And of course all the popular ones were in there too. His band for the tour was Dario Bortolin on bass, Davey Lane was back with Stuart Fraser on guitars, Tony Featherstone on keys and back home on drums was Jackie Barnes. Mahalia was also back after having her baby and she joined Shauna Jensen on backing vocals. A great rock band!! They were having so much fun on stage each night and their energy and enthusiasm never weakened despite some very hot days and nights. Same with Jimmy, he is amazing the way he puts so much in to every gig he does. Think he may have won over some Shannon fans, same as Shannon won over some Jimmy fans.
Each show was fantastic and each had it’s own highlights.

January 02nd 2010 .... BONNIE DOON HOTEL - VIC
January 06th 2010 .... MORNING STAR ESTATE, MT ELIZA - VIC
January 07th 2010 .... MULWALA SKI CLUB - NSW
January 09th 2010 .... MARY ANN RESERVE, MANNUM - SA
January 10th 2010 .... GOL GOL HOTEL - NSW

    Well that was it; the Red Hot Summer Tour had come to an end. What a fantastic tour it had been. Didn’t know how it would go with all the different type of fans but it all worked well and we had the best time. Adam and Shannon both idolised Jimmy just like the rest of us. Both put in great shows each time. Jimmy was just brilliant and seemed to enjoy having those two on tour with him. Always having a laugh and a shit stir with them. Their bands were having fun on stage too and the vibe rubs off on everyone. Dario and Davey had all the rock moves; Stuart was having a few laughs with the two of them when they visited that side of stage. And they all kept Tony involved and amused. Jackie was having fun with them too, especially Dario. Mahalia and Shauna shared a laugh or two despite the heat. They are all brilliant musicians in their own right and it is great to see them gelling so well. It really was a brilliant tour and we visited some awesome venues. Well done Macca and all at Regional Touring.
We had a recovery day the next day in Mildura. Another 46 degree day spent relaxing by the pool. Then it was back to Melbourne and back to reality til the next gig in a couple of months.