January 08th 2011 .... MARY ANN RESERVE, MANNUM - SA

The day in between gigs was spent driving to Loxton, half way between Mannum and Mildura on the river. We were warned about the mosquitoes on the Riverland with all the rain they had received up this way. But with a bit of Aeroguard we were good. Headed to Mannum the next morning in warm sunshine. By the time we reached our destination it was cold and raining. Lucky I had a change of clothes in the car! As in previous years the queue built early and quickly and we sat in the rain with our ponchos on waiting patiently. There were a few support acts on here - first local band Manboobies, who supported last year, then Sunny Cowgirls - who had fans who had come just to see them. Last year we were wet from escaping the heat in the mist tent, this year from the rain. Luckily though the rain stopped for the main acts. We were packed in tight by the time Thirsty Merc came on. Rai had a bit of trouble with his words - totally forgot them in one of their hits and struggled to get back on track. Noiseworks hit the stage running today and were straight into Hot Chilli Woman. A great way to start, had the crowd from the word go. It was a much better performance by them.
It was dark by the time Jimmy came on. There was no Mahalia and no Elly, Natasha was here again with Gary on backing vocals and joining them was Scotty Aplin (Noiseworks’ keyboard player) He did a fantastic job up there, guess he knew all the songs from playing keys for Jimmy last year. With nearby Adelaide being Jimmy’s hometown, Largs Pier Hotel was added to the set list. And didn’t the locals love that!! Jimmy had his guitar back and despite his back pain he rocked out full on. There were a few special guests appearing on stage tonight. Jon came back on and sang Good Times with Jimmy. Aaaahhh, that’s what we have been waiting for. Chris, the harmonica player from Nick Barker and The Reptiles played a song with Noiseworks and he played Khe Sanh with Jimmy and Jon. Also up for that song was Rai, who brought his keys up with him and the Sunny Cowgirls. They were all having fun up there - as you would!! Goodbye finished off as the fireworks started. It was then time to go and to drive back to Loxton. We were still pumped from the gig when we finally got back!!




Driving Wheels
Cheap Wine
I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
Lover Lover
I'm Still On Your Side
Rising Sun
Letter From A Dead Heart
Ride The Night Away
Merry Go Round
Stupid Heart
Can't Do It Again
Resurrection Shuffle
Larg Pier Hotel
Flame Trees
Lay Down Your Guns
No Second Prize
You Got Nothing I Want
Working Class Man
Good Times
Khe Sanh