January 27th 2012 .... EATONS HILL PUB, BRISBANE - QLD

Had been awhile since I’d been to a Jimmy solo gig. With all the Chisel ones it had been a few months since the last. Whilst I loved the Chisel tour tonight reminded me how much I had missed those fast, hard solo gigs.
Once again Queensland turned on the rain and the floods. The day before I arrived, the airport had been closed as the runway was flooded. Lucky all was good when I arrived and the rain held off until later that night - and it continued for the rest of the trip! As I was travelling on my own and had no idea where to go, my friends from up there picked me up and I went with them o the gig, thanks Pete!!
The venue was huge, with bars and cafes everywhere. Jimmy was playing in the Grand Ballroom downstairs. Once we found our way there we caught up with everyone in the bar. Doors opened early while no one was around, lucky one of us was onto it and we got our front row places.
There were two support acts on, a young girl band and a popular local band. They were ok, seen better, seen worse. But we were only interested in one act tonight - Jimmy!
He burst onto the stage with his band - Danny, Dario, Lachy, Jackie, Charlie, Elly and joining her on backing vocals was Jane. We were ready to go; only one problem - Jimmy’s microphone was not working. After a couple of attempts he threw it down and picked up the spare and we were off screaming along to Love and Hate. Time Will Tell followed and I was rapt to have this song back in the set list, love it. Great to have another one of my favourites return - Still On Your Side. Temptation was there too, cool. All the usual hits were there too, but have to admit it was good to have a break from Goodtimes! Guess you could say I loved this set list, it was so full on. And did Jimmy give it his all or what! It was like the Chisel lease had been released and there was no holding back. The songs were hard and fast and Jimmy was singing brilliantly, hitting all those high notes.  It’s been awhile since I’ve heard him sing so high.  It all reminded me I am a Jimmy girl ahead of Chisel!
It was so hot inside the venue security started handing out water. Great idea - NOT, Someone decided to throw it back and I copped the lot, haha. Oh well it cooled me down for a bit and it did amuse some!
Far too soon Working Class Man started up and the main set finished It was time for a breather until Jimmy reappeared in a fresh t-shirt. He commented on how hot it was before sending the crowd into frenzy with Khe Sanh. Goodbye ended the night and OMG it was so fast. The finish was WOW, awesome.  What a night, Jimmy solo is the best. Very glad I made the trip, so worth it even if the weather was no good.  Headed home late the next day in readiness for Mahalia and Jimmy at the Australian Open the following day.



Love And Hate
Time Will Tell
Die To Be With You
Lover Lover
Merry Go Round
Flame Trees
Lay Down Your Guns
Letter From A Dead Heart
Ride The Night Away
Nothing I Want
Resurrection Shuffle
Still On Your Side
Driving Wheels
No Second Prize
Working Class Man
Khe Sanh